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Multi Turn Electric Actuator  


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AOX-M series electric multi -turn actuator is specially designed for all multi turn valve applications (linear motion  valves)such as globe valve, gate valve, and etc.
1. Manual operation
- In the commissioning or in an emergency the actuator can be operated by handwheel.
- By operating the red button to disconnected the actuator and motor and start manual operation.Because the self-locking worm gear between the motor and the operating shaft are separated, it’s very easy to turn to manual operation even if the actuator is running at maximum torque.
- After starting the motor, automatically breaks away from manual operation, when the motor is operating the hand wheel does not work.
2. The digital position display clearly indicates the status of valve and actuator.
3. Diferent control options meet your specific requirement.
AOX-M series actuators can be combined with various controls from simple On/off and intelligent modulating control or fieldbus interface.

Q: How can order the products without any acknowledge of import  ?
A :We could arrange you shipping or air or express for you and deliver everything to your port  or provide you door to door service.
Q: What is the price of the product?
A: Our prices are based on the model and function, if you can give me the information, then we  can give you an estimated price is for reference only. We can customize if need.
Q: What's your delivery date?
A: It depends on the quantity of orders. Delivery date is 7-30 days. If you need emergency products,  we can speed up the production of the first arrangement.Multi Turn Electric Actuator
website: http://www.aox-actuator.com/electric-actuator/multi-turn-electric-actuator/


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